FootfallCam Return Policy

The following is applicable to all clients' return unless there is a contractual agreement that supersedes the following policies :

  • Client must bear the cost of shipment regardless on the choice of courier or mode of transport used in sending the equipment to FootfallCam.
  • It is advisable to arrange for a transport method which is able to track the shipment, Footfallcam is not responsible for any item lost in transit.
  • If the product is still under warranty, FootfallCam will bear the cost of sending the replacement unit from the nearest warehouse of FootfallCam to your address. Client must bear all applicable duties and customs charges for shipments to and from FootfallCam, unless otherwise authorised.
  • Pay-On-Delivery shipment is strictly unacceptable without any prior agreement and consent from FootfallCam party. Any shipments arriving at FootfallCam with charges due will be rejected immediately.
  • FootfallCam is not responsible for any data contained in the unit, it is client's responsibility to save any data contained in the FootfallCam unit.

Replacement Product Notice

  • Client's original product will not be returned, and all replacement products of FootfallCam are factory certified products.
  • Replacements carry the greater of: original warranty balance or 30 days.
  • Delivery is during normal business hours to the address client has provided.
  • All data in the returned unit(s) will be lost.

What should be returned?

In your return shipment, please INCLUDE :

  • FootfallCam 3D Plus unit, along with Wi-Fi Dongle Intact

In your return shipment, please DO NOT INCLUDE :

  • Midspan
  • Power Cable
  • Screws
  • Network Cable

If product is within warranty, FootfallCam WILL send the replacement set containing the following items :

  • FootfallCam 3D Plus unit with Wi-Fi Dongle
  • Screw Kits

How should client pack the products to be returned?

Items should be properly packaged in the original box, otherwise it is suggested to be in a hard-covered box. The unit should be bubble wrapped.

* Proper packaging is very important because if item received is damaged externally, FootfallCam is unable to verify if the damage is before or during transit, and any external damage that causes FootfallCam to malfunction will void the warranty.

What should you do in your control panel?

  1. Please delete the counter from your site/branch
    • The steps can be found over at our user guide Section 6.2
  2. Allocate the new counter at your site
    • Using the pairing code as stated in Section 6.2 as well

What will happen to the data stored in the device?

Any data on the device that has not been uploaded to server will be lost, however all aggregated data will not be lost. The original device will not be returned, if the device is under warranty, a new unit will be sent. If not, the unit will still not be sent back to you. Either way, any data the unit possesses will be lost.